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Cape House is proud to play host to one of Bangkok’s premier Italian restaurants, the No.43 Italian Bistro. This cozy yet elegant restaurant offers the finest in Italian and Thai cuisine, prepared skillfully by Italian Chefs.



Opened in 1998, No.43 was designed to give its guests the feel of a true Italian bistro with its split-level, balcony and stalls configuration, white wood floors, black on white walls and cream tiled tabletops. Using the finest authentic ingredients, "No.43" offers many delicious dishes including outstanding pizzas, authentic Italian main courses, home made pastas, cakes and ice cream.

Open daily from 6.00 a.m. to Midnight

Savour home delights

First Class dining

From Italian flavours blending with local culture to gastronomic delights from around the globe, our aim is the highest standard of hospitality through responsible sourcing.

Experience the delicious from expert chefs using traditional home-grown techniques.


Chef's recommended


Buffet Lunch

Come back for lunch! No.43 Italian Bistro at Cape House Hotel is offering its ever-popular Buffet Lunch once more. Pizzas, pasta galore, the famous cheese wheel and an array of Thai delights will be here to tempt you. We’ll see you soon!

Every Wednesday & Sunday • 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Morning Selections

Start your day well with the best choices to power you through your day.

Please note that, until the COVID-19 situation has resolved itself, Buffet Breakfast will be offered but you may order your favourite dishes to be freshly prepared à la carte.

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We deliver sumptuous, flavourful food prepared with the best ingredients by hotel chefs following the highest professional hygiene standards.